"They also serve who but only stand and wait," is part of a poem written by James Joyce. It referred to the mules hooked up to plows with no one to guide them in the fields. This has been expanded to parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and, now, pets who wait for their loved ones to return from military service.

  Open Arms*****Always Vets' Pets Program was initiated when we heard that our troops about to be deployed were leaving their best friends at various dog pounds where their futures were very uncertain. Funding these facilities through tax dollars in not compatible with maintaining a pet for long periods of time. Even though they post pictures on the internet and do public broadcasts, an unfortunate fact is that 2/3 of the dogs are put down.

  Through public awareness the goal for Open Arms*****Always Vets' Pets Program is to find foster or forever homes for these pets. If a vet is looking for a pet, we try to match a pet to the vet.

  Open Arms*****Always works through various rescue organizations, animal welfare organizations, and individuals to find foster or forever homes. We encourage our active troops to contact us at, or call 937-515-9543.

Anyone who has provided a home for a vet's pet can send their story to where it will be posted for people to enjoy and, perhaps, decide to provide a foster or forever home for a vet's pet.

Disabled vet adopts his puppy, Gracie. Love at first sight.

Chip arrives at his new home.

Chip's big brother, Boomer, also a rescue.

Mr. Chip today as he is ready to be a Goodwill Ambassador about to hit the road.

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