Dr. Eileen Sipple, Advocate 
Dr. Jerry Sipple, OAA Board of Directors  
Robert Liming, President, OAA
Sandi Gilligan, Secretary, OAA

   As the drawdown proceeds, our servicemen and women will be returning to civilian life in growing numbers. Due to the traumas of war, multiple deployments, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other factors too numerous to list some will be returning with issues that will bring them into the criminal justice system.

   Veterans' Treatment Court is a structured program that gives these veterans who qualify for it a chance to participate and complete a treatment program that will help them to adapt from military life to civilian life. It consists of a treatment team made up of a probation officer, judge, mental health counselor, prosecutor, defender, and law enforcement officers in conjunction with the Veterans' Justice Outreach branch of the VA. This collaborative effort combines substance abuse treatment and counseling with structured life skills training, overseen and enforced by the treatment team. Every treatment plan is tailored to meet the needs of the veteran participant.

   Completing the program takes 1-2 years, but at its conclusion the veteran's record can be sealed or expunged, allowing the veteran a chance to apply for schooling or employment with a clean record. This program is beneficial to both veterans and the community because it reduces the recidivism rates and keeps the veteran close to his/her support network and away from incarceration.

   Our veterans have sacrificed their time, health and well-being to the service of our country. We believe that any service member who asks for a chance to rehabilitate should be given that chance. We hope to have the tools in place to offer this option which has proven successful in other states and counties in Ohio. Open Arms*****Always is committed to bringing this program to Clermont and Brown Counties. Our goal is to encourage our veterans, not discourage them.

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