Open Arms*****Always provides information and monetary assistance, if available, to veterans and their families, whether currently serving or honorably discharged from the American Armed Forces.

  Our principle charge is to help direct veterans to areas where their needs can be met. This website is filled with connections to people and services that can aid our Vets. Please look around the site and check out how we can help!

  We strive to give everything we can to those who have given so much for the freedom we still enjoy. We are always looking to expand what we can offer, so if you have free time or services, please email us at Open Arms.

Our goal is to welcome with open arms
Those That Have Served!

  Open Arms*****Always means exactly that. Here’s what you need to know about us!

  A Veteran shall never pay dues; the dues have been paid in full by their dedication and service to our country.

  Family and friends of active duty and Veterans pay a token of $1 per year for membership.

  Every member shall have equal standing. There will NEVER be an auxiliary. Why?

  Open Arms*****Always recognizes and honors every active duty troop and veteran who willingly placed his/her life on the line.

  We also recognize family members and friends who missed and prayed for their troops to come home. We rejoice with those who are able to embrace and welcome their loved ones who returned. We grieve with those whose waiting arms came up empty. Instead, they stood by a flag draped coffin, listened to the Twenty-one Gun Salute and Taps. They embraced the Flag after it was folded into a tight triangle with military precision.

  We made the determination that we can not dismiss their pain and never-ending loss. Therefore, it has been decreed that they shall have equal standing.   We all stand together, and stand behind our vets and service people.

  Open Arms*****Always is an apolitical organization standing to further public awareness and service to our veterans, active duty troops and their families.

  We are a fully-registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit service organization!


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