*  Troopbox Ministries - This local group ships care packages to any soldier they can get names and addresses for. Address info comes from local friends, families, neighbors, and from soldiers TBM has already served, reaching out to those who often have no other contacts from home. They ship from the first month they receive new contacts until the service people return home. Many of the soldiers they serve have received monthly packages from their basic training days through 4 to 6 deployments.
   TBM ships everything from personal care products to shirts, socks, underclothes, (helmet liners, gloves, neck gators) for winter as well as snacks of all sorts, canned food, small cans of fruit, dried fruit, candy, gum, puzzle books, playing cards, hand held games, etc. Their many volunteers and supporters make their loving outreach possible. They have served hundreds of service men and women through the years, and have sent out many thousands of care packages. Contact Diana Lawrence (513-490-2398) with the appropirate mailing address, and TBM will see that your loved one will get a TBM "care package" once a month until they return home!

   *  Wounded Warrior Project - a veterans' service organization that offers a variety of programs, services, and events for wounded veterans of all military actions since 9/11.

   *  Fisher House - One of many "comfort Homes" where military familes can stay close to a loved one during times of unexpected illness, disease or injury. There are over 60 Fisher Houses in the U.S.A.

   *  Rolling Thunder - A veterans group with 90 chapters throughout the U.S., most are motorcycle enthusiasts, but membership is open to all. They aid veterans, and are strong in the POW/MIA movement.

   *  Special Forces - The Special Operations Forces Situation Report. News and analysis from military and Spec Ops veterans.

   *  Oath Keepers - An organization for current and former U.S. military and law enforcemnt personnel that vow to disobey any orders that violate the Constituion of the United States.

   *  Tri-State Warbird Museum - A historic aviation museum dedicated to remembering those who fought for our freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice. The museum now has flight simulators.

   *  Crossroads Hospice - The Hospice is dedicated to providing quality end-of-life-care, recognizing the sacrifices that men and women of the armed forces have made in serving their country.

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