Did you know that manufacturers will honor their expired coupons for up to six months four our deployed troops at their reuglar post exchanges across the globe?

  Open Arms*****Always puts this policy to good use, and with the help of volunteers, sends money-saving coupons to our brave service people to help them save on the things they need! OAA gathers coupon donations from community drop-off spots, churches, and veteran/community organizations, and then passes the bulk coupons off to Grow, Inc. (formerly the Brown County Development Disorder Agency.) Their clients clip out the coupons, sharing in the involvement and sense of pride of giving support to our deployed troops.

  The coupons are then sorted into non-food and food categories, and are packaged by the pound and made ready for shipment to post exchanges overseas.

  OAA receives coupons from all over Ohio, New York, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. These cost-saving coupons are more important now than ever!

Coupons for Troops is a program that really helps our service personnel, and you can join in! If you wish to send coupons, mail them to:

    Open Arms*****Always
    PO Box 21278
    Georgetown, OH 45121

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